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immediate downloadReleased: 2020-08-13
20/30403620 DC BS EN 1493. Vehicle lifts

20/30403620 DC

BS EN 1493. Vehicle lifts

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Standard number:20/30403620 DC
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20/30403620 DC

This standard 20/30403620 DC BS EN 1493. Vehicle lifts is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 53.020.99 Other lifting equipment
  • 43.180 Diagnostic, maintenance and test equipment

This document applies to stationary, mobile and movable vehicle lifts, which are not intended to lift persons but which are designed to raise vehicles totally, for the purpose of examining and working on or under the vehicles whilst in a raised position. The vehicle lift may consist of one or more lifting-units.

Power supply to the vehicle lift by internal combustion engines is not considered.

The floor or ground supporting the vehicle lift in use is assumed to be horizontal.

This document does not exclude a person to enter in a lifted vehicle on wheel supporting lifts, e.g. for special works or for periodical technical inspection, and vehicle lifts for rail-bound vehicles.

This document does not contain requirements for hazards which may arise on vehicle lifts where the carrying device can be tilted.

This document is not valid for equipment for power driven parking of motor vehicles (see EN 14010). This document is applicable to vehicle lifts which are manufactured six month after the date of its publication as EN.