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immediate downloadReleased: 2021-01-06
21/30427365 DC BS ISO 5593. Rolling bearings. Vocabulary

21/30427365 DC

BS ISO 5593. Rolling bearings. Vocabulary

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Standard number:21/30427365 DC
Status:Draft for Comment

21/30427365 DC

This standard 21/30427365 DC BS ISO 5593. Rolling bearings. Vocabulary is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 21.100.20 Rolling bearings
  • 01.040.21 Mechanical systems and components for general use (Vocabularies)

This document establishes a vocabulary of terms, with their definitions, applied in the field of rolling bearings and their technology under ISO Technical Committee TC 4 management.

It includes terms related to all types of rolling bearings wherein the principal degree of freedom is continuous rotation about an axis enabled by an ordered set of rolling elements between two circular raceways such that loads can be transmitted between them in a particular range of radial and/or axial directions. Also included are accessories to these products.

The following types of terms are not included:

  • terms specified in ISO 76, ISO 281 and ISO 1132-1;

  • terms which are narrowly applied in only one specialised rolling bearing International Standard.