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BS 5499-4:2013 Safety signs Code of practice for escape route signing

BS 5499-4:2013

Safety signs Code of practice for escape route signing

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Standard number:BS 5499-4:2013
ISBN:978 0 539 04393 8

BS 5499-4:2013

This standard BS 5499-4:2013 Safety signs is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 13.200 Accident and disaster control
  • 01.080.10 Public information symbols

This part of BS 5499 gives recommendations for the selection and use of escape route signs conforming to BS EN ISO 7010 to be provided within buildings. This part of BS 5499 gives further recommendations on the use of appropriate escape route signs conforming to BS EN ISO 7010:2012, E001 and E002, the use of supplementary text to assist in the interpretation of signs and the use of arrows to provide additional directional information.

This British Standard covers the use of all escape route signing systems within premises, including the selection of the appropriate type of sign, the location of signs, mounting positions, lighting and maintenance. The standard covers high‑mounted signs as specified by BS EN ISO 7010 but it does not cover low‑mounted way guidance systems (see BS ISO 16069).

This British Standard applies to premises where a formal risk assessment carried out under management of health and safety, and in particular the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 [1], has indicated a need for escape route signs to form an integral part of normal working procedures. This need exists where the premises are complex or may be unfamiliar to any of the occupants.

This British Standard does not cover the determination of the need for escape route signing. This British Standard assumes that a need for escape route signing has already been established. However, signs can be used with advantage in most premises, other than domestic premises.