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We would like to introduce you to the E-reading of British (BS) and European (EN) Standards

This service provides an opportunity to view a BS and EN documents before purchasing it.

You have 2 options to choose from:

-Time access for 1 hour
-Time access for 24 hours

You can open the standard on your own 3 devices in a web browser (e.g. at work, at home and on your mobile phone).

If you decide to buy the full version within 7 days after viewing the standard, the amount for time access will be deducted from the full version of this standard!

          Please note that after 7 days have passed, you will no longer be entitled to deduct the amount.


The access period begins with the 1st opening of the standard.

You can close and re-open the standard at will during the time access.


We want to provide you with the necessary information, for example, when you only need information from one point in the standard and do not want to buy the entire standard.

  • Very suitable for students in their term papers. 
  • Perfect for trainers thanks to the ability to customize the content and add notes or different highlights in the standard 
  • Great for start-ups that cannot afford to buy all the necessary standards, but want their products and services to meet the highest standards. 
  • The best way for ALL, how to find out if the standard contains the required information!


Don't lose your money! If you buy the full version of standard within 7 days you won't lose any money.

The amount for e-reading will be deducted from the price of the standard!


How E-reading works? Check the video!



What can you do with the document?

  • Open the electronic document in your web browser by clicking on the provided link or navigating to the document URL.
  • Use the page layout options to select the desired view mode for the document.
  • Adjust the page orientation if necessary for better readability.
  • Search for specific content within the document using the search feature.
  • Utilize annotation tools to underline, highlight, add free text, notes, squiggles, or strikeout text as needed.
  • Add comments for collaboration or reviewing purposes.
  • Draw shapes such as lines, polylines, arrows, ellipses, polygons, or clouds to enhance the document.
  • Use measurement tools to accurately measure distances, arcs, perimeters, areas, ellipse areas, or rectangular areas.
  • Erase annotations from one or all pages efficiently using the eraser tool.
  • Enable dark mode for an enhanced reading experience in low-light conditions.