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Terms and conditions

Indian version (HIN)


English version: Terms and conditions:

Rights and obligations for seller and customer are followings:


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Czech Republic


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VAT: CZ09567909
Bank: Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a. s.,

Account number: 296441832 ,Bank code:0300


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further only EN Standard



Buyer – customer – person or corporation, who order by e-shop, fax, etc.


Rights and obligations for seller:

1.) Seller has to clear order from customer in shortest possible time, mostly 2-10 working days from receive order. For PDF files 0-24 hours in working days 
2.) Seller has to send goods to place which is in order.

3.) Seller has right to refuse order. In this case seller has to inform customer immediately.

4.) If buyer send payment in advance and order wasn’t clear, seller has to refund payment immediately.


Rights and obligations for customer:

1.) Customer has to fill in right and full address where should be goods deliver.
2.) Customer has to take delivery of goods and pay for goods. Customer has to pay eventually price for transportation. About final price customer know from order.

3.) Customer can cancel order, but customer has to pay to seller all expenses which are in connection with cancelation of order.
4.) Customer can be deleted from seller’s database if customer will require it.



1.) All orders which are executed by e-shop, email, fax, post, personally, etc. are obligatory. For acceptation order has to content all information which are required by seller (as an address, telephone, name, etc.). If everything will be alright this order is in the same time draft of buying contract. For contract settlement isn’t necessary confirmation from seller, contract settlement will be in the same time as delivery of goods. 
2.) By finishing order customer confirm that agree with all conditions in this document, same customer agree with price for ordered goods and transportation cost. 
3.) Goods have to be specifying in order, quantity of goods and price. Prices are shown in EUR or USD or GBP and all prices are shown with VAT.
4.) If customer chooses goods incorrect, goods can be changed after. Seller can requires  from customer pay expenses which are in connection with changing goods.


Terms and conditions for downloading Standards:


1.) Contract

EN Standard grants the user the right to download Standards or other technical rules ordered by him. The documents remain accessible for 30 days. The data is transferred to the user when the documents are accessed. At this point, EN Standard ceases to be responsible for transferring the data. The terms of delivery and payment of EN Standard apply to the exclusion of all others. They are also binding in cases where contrary purchase conditions of the customer are not explicitly rejected.

2.) Access

The user provides EN Standard with his full and correct details; EN Standard grants the user online access for Standards ordered and issues a user name and password.

3.) Technical requirements

Documents are provided in PDF format. The publisher provides no software for representation or searching, and the user shall provide this at his own risk and expense. EN Standard reserves the right to change the technical requirements, but will keep these changes to a minimum.

4.) Rights

The data provided is protected by copyright. The user has a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the downloaded Standards or technical rules at a single workplace (single user license), for his own or for company purposes. The user's rights include permanent storage or the making of copies, as governed by the limitations of copyright. EN Standard reserves the right to limit the number of copies and print-outs.

If the user is a DIN member with the right to make copies for internal company use, or is licensed to distribute DIN Standards via a company computer network, downloaded documents may be distributed in-house.

It is not permitted to relay data in whole or in part on electronic data carriers, by data transmission, as hard copies or by other means, to allow third parties access to the stored data, or to transfer the data to a local or commercial storage and retrieval systems. It is not permitted to translate, edit, otherwise change the data.

The terms and conditions for duplicating DIN Standards in accordance with leaflet 1-4 apply. In the case of technical rules other than DIN Standards, other conditions may apply.

EN Standard reserves the right to follow up any suspicion of inappropriate use of data or other contractual infringements and to take appropriate steps or to exclude the user. Any claims for compensation remain unaffected.

5.) User's obligations

The user is obliged to download standards appropriately. He agrees not to misuse his access to data and to respect regulations governing data protection. He will inform EN Standard immediately of any misuse. The user bears the costs of terminal and telephone use.

6.) Confidentiality

The user shall take due care that unauthorized third parties do not gain access to user authorization, to the copies prepared by him or authorized secondary users, or to the data itself. It is not permitted to give a user name or password to third parties. The password holder will be invoiced for Standards ordered and services used in his name.

7.) Use

The publisher offers downloads of Standards for payment. For purchase conditions, see the current price information. The contract is fulfilled when the user has accessed the data provided by the publisher.

8.) Availability

Authorization to download standards is granted for each order. Standards in PDF format are made available for online access for 30 days. EN Standards reserves the right to change availability at any time. .



Standards legaly:




1.) CSN Standards are Czech and European Standards published as Czech engineering standards accepting at national level. These Standards are published throug Czech office for Standards metrology and testing, where we are an official distributor.

2.) ASTM Standards are American standards published through ASTM International , 100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA 19428, USA. If customer order and pay ASTM STandard (s) agree with: 
       This document is copyrighted by ASTM International ("ASTM"), 100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959 USA. All rights reserved. ASTM grants you a license as follows: The right to download an electronic file of this ASTM standard for temporary storage on one computer for purposes of viewing, and/or printing one copy of the ASTM standard for individual use. Neither the electronic file nor the hard copy print may be reproduced in any way. In addition, the electronic file may not be distributed elsewhere over computer networks or otherwise. The hard copy print may only be distributed to other employees for their internal use within your organization.“ 


3.) DIN Standards are German and European Standards published as German engineering standards accepting at national level. These Standards are published throug  Deutches institute für Normung, where we are an official distributor.


4.) ETSI Standards are European standards for telecommunications, these Standards are published throug European Telecommunication Standard Instiute, where we are an official distributor.

5.) ISO Standards are International standards where we are an official distributor through Czech office for Standards metrology and testing

6.) IEC Standards are international electrotechnical standards where we are an official distributor through Czech office for Standards metrology and testing

7.) BS Standards are British and European Standards published as British engineering standards accepting at national level. These Standards are published throug  BSI Standards Limited , where we are an official distributor.  

8.) UNE Standards are Spanish and European Standards published as Spanish engineering standards accepting at national level. These Standards are published throug  AENOR INTERNACIONAL S.A. , where we are an official distributor.  


Delivery conditions:

1.) All goods are delivered by UPS, TNT, POST, or downloaded directly from our webpage (PDF file).
2.) Goods will be send to address which is fill in order.

3.) Transportation will provide seller. If customer won’t take delivery of goods from reasons which are on his side (for example if buyer isn’t on time on delivery place, etc.) all expenses for repeated delivery will be paid by customer. 
4.) Customer has to check goods with transporter and refuse damage or incomplete parcel. If is parcel damage or incomplete, customer has to fill report about damage and send it by email or fax to seller as soon as possible. If customer will take delivery of goods it means that goods is without defects and all following warranty claims about incomplete goods or damaged goods cannot be handled. There is an exception - in case that customer has no chance to check status of goods immediately after taking from transporter. In this case customer has to check goods to 24hours from delivery and about possible defects inform seller immediately.


Payment conditions:

Possibility of payment:

- Credit card
- Performa invoice
- Paypal.



If customer ordered wrong title in Hardcopy version or received damaged shipment this title(s) can be send us back within 14 days to our address:

Krimicka 134,

31813 Pilsen

Czech Republic

Title will be changed or money will  be refund till 48 hours after receiving standard(s) back to our company. If customer paid standard(s) per wire transfer money will be send back to customer´s bank account, if customer paid standard(s) through credit card money will be send back to customer´s credit card without delivery charges.

Refunds for electronic and PDF titles are not possible ( because these titles can be saved, printed or copying)


Security of personal data:

By using e-shop customer agree with use his data about buying and his person in seller’s database. All information which customer provides to seller is confidential and won’t be offer to a third party. Data will be used only in connection to finish order.


Final provisions:


1.) These conditions are valid in form which is on WebPages of seller in order day.

2.) EN Standard reserves the right to cancel an incomplete order, or order the standards for which data were mistakenly listed. In the event that this order has been paid. EN Standard must immediately return the funds back to the customer
3.) By finishing order customer agree with all conditions and price of goods (include transportation price). Customer is bind by his order.

4.) Any disputes arising from contractual agreements between the Buyer and European Standards shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic