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immediate downloadReleased: 1996-10-15
BS 4680:1996 Specification for clothes lockers

BS 4680:1996

Specification for clothes lockers

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Standard number:BS 4680:1996
ISBN:0 580 26219 7

BS 4680:1996

This standard BS 4680:1996 Specification for clothes lockers is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 97.140 Furniture

This British Standard specifies requirements for the overall dimensions, materials, fitments, finishes and type performance testing of three types of clothes locker used for industrial and commercial purposes. It does not apply to lockers designed for special applications.

Lockers which conform to this standard will give satisfactory service in their intended environment. However, failure may result as a consequence of service abuse, habitual misuse or an excessively long period of service.