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BS 7000-2:2015 Design management systems Guide to managing the design of manufactured products

BS 7000-2:2015

Design management systems Guide to managing the design of manufactured products

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Standard number:BS 7000-2:2015
ISBN:978 0 580 85680 8

BS 7000-2:2015

This standard BS 7000-2:2015 Design management systems is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 03.100.99 Other standards related to company organization and management
  • 91.020 Physical planning. Town planning
  • 03.100.70 Management systems

This part of BS 7000 gives guidance on managing the design of all types of manufactured products. It deals with every stage of the design process from product concept through to delivery, use and end-of-life processing.

NOTE 1 This standard recognizes that small enterprises or those specializing in one-off products or special purpose end-of-life equipment often need to adapt the process to suit their method of operation.

It is intended for use by all relevant levels of management, from board level to individual project level, in all types of organizations involved in the design of manufactured products.

Guidance is given on the application of general principles and techniques to the management of design, raising awareness of management issues and emphasizing the need for an integrated approach to the design of products. This standard is not intended to define design techniques.

NOTE 2 For many products, particularly those that are complex, an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to design is needed. Documents recommended for guidance on general management techniques are listed in the Bibliography.

Guidance on the management of innovation, service design and construction design is given in BS 7000‑1, BS 7000‑3 and BS 7000‑4 respectively.

NOTE 3 Guidance on procedures needed to meet statutory requirements, such as health and safety, or product certification and liability, is not intended to be comprehensive. Reference needs to be made to other documents where appropriate.

NOTE 4 This standard is intended to complement BS EN ISO 9001.