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BS 8548:2017 Guidance for arc welding of reinforcing steel

BS 8548:2017

Guidance for arc welding of reinforcing steel

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Standard number:BS 8548:2017
ISBN:978 0 580 93236 6

BS 8548:2017

This standard BS 8548:2017 Guidance for arc welding of reinforcing steel is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 25.160.10 Welding processes

This British Standard gives guidance for the metal arc welding of reinforcing steel bars produced in accordance with BS 4449 and BS 4482 and welded in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 17660‑1 and BS EN ISO 17660‑2.

The welding of stainless reinforcing steels is not covered by this standard. This British Standard can be used by clients, specifiers, construction companies and fabricators of welded steel reinforcement as a means of agreeing the technical requirements of welded steel reinforcement.

This standard applies to the welding of load bearing joints (structural and semi-structural) and non-load bearing joints, including prefabricated assemblies, produced either in a factory, workshop or in a site environment. It also applies to the welding of reinforcing steels to other steel components such as connection devices, inserts, and anchors.

This standard gives recommendations on the information to be included in the Project Specification and also covers the materials of construction, methods for the approval of welding procedures and welding, workmanship, inspection, testing and acceptance requirements for the welded joints. It can be used for all types of reinforced concrete structures designed for static loading conditions.

The recommendations in this standard can be introduced into a construction contract by a Project Specification.

This standard does not apply to factory production of welding fabric and lattice girders using multiple spot welding machines. Annex A addresses the requirements for the friction welding of steel products to reinforcement.

This standard gives general guidance on joints between reinforcing steels and other steel components. It only includes more detailed information on the most commonly used joints.