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BS 8680:2020 Water quality. Water safety plans. Code of practice

BS 8680:2020

Water quality. Water safety plans. Code of practice

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Standard number:BS 8680:2020
ISBN:978 0 580 51000 7

BS 8680:2020

This standard BS 8680:2020 Water quality. Water safety plans. Code of practice is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 91.140.60 Water supply systems

This British Standard gives recommendations and guidance for the development of a water safety plan (WSP) for all types of premises and undertakings with water systems which can pose a risk to those exposed, either from the water itself, aerosols derived from it or the surrounding environment, and where a WSP is particularly recommended within existing national guidance [15], [16], such as in healthcare.

The British Standard is applicable to WSP development for new buildings, modifications and renovations to existing water systems and can also be applied retrospectively to control risks to health from all types of water use.

Intended users of this British Standard include all those involved in ensuring water is safe and fit for purpose at the point of use including: duty holders, appointed responsible persons, water safety groups (WSGs) and all those who have an influence on the safety of water systems, including during the development process for new and refurbished/upgraded systems during tender specification, design, purchasing, installation, commissioning through to operation, maintenance, and repair of water systems and related equipment.

Where there are existing water systems and associated equipment this British Standard aims to inform and support all relevant stakeholders, including operators, users, service providers, water treatment providers, professional bodies and regulators, public health and environmental health professionals, risk assessors, providers of risk assessments, sampling and laboratory services, repair and maintenance, authorizing engineers/independent advisors, responsible persons, standard-setting bodies and certification agencies, infection-control teams and water safety management personnel in hospitals, healthcare, dental and medical facilities.

Intended users of this document include those responsible for:

  1. design and specification;

  2. construction and installation;

  3. commissioning, decommissioning and recommissioning;

  4. maintenance;

  5. operation;

  6. risk assessment;

  7. development, implementation and management of control measures;

  8. monitoring for validation and verification;

  9. alteration and refurbishment;

  10. deconstruction; and

  11. the design, installation and management of equipment connected to water systems which use or store water or is otherwise filled with water.

This British Standard does not give recommendations for the development of WSPs for regulated drinking water supplies from either a public or private supply, as these are covered in national water quality regulations.

For risk assessment for Legionella or Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other waterborne pathogens, see BS 8580.