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immediate downloadReleased: 2005-10-31
BS EN 62298-2:2005 Teleweb application Delivery methods

BS EN 62298-2:2005

Teleweb application Delivery methods

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Standard number:BS EN 62298-2:2005
ISBN:0 580 46512 8

BS EN 62298-2:2005

This standard BS EN 62298-2:2005 Teleweb application is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 35.240.99 IT applications in other fields
  • 47.020.60 Electrical equipment of ships and of marine structures
  • 35.240.95 Internet applications
  • 33.170 Television and radio broadcasting
IEC 62298-2:2005 specifies the transmission layer of TeleWeb. TeleWeb services can be broadcast in a number of different ways, for example, VBI, DVB, DAB, etc., and to a variety of decoder types, for example, TVs, portable decoders, PCs, etc. This standard specifies the transmission layer for VBI and DVB broadcasts.
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