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BS EN IEC 62769-5:2021 Field Device Integration (FDI) Information Model

BS EN IEC 62769-5:2021

Field Device Integration (FDI) Information Model

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Standard number:BS EN IEC 62769-5:2021
ISBN:978 0 580 99157 8

BS EN IEC 62769-5:2021

This standard BS EN IEC 62769-5:2021 Field Device Integration (FDI) is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 35.100.05 Multilayer applications
  • 35.100.01 Open systems interconnection in general
  • 25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control
This part of IEC 62769 defines the FDI Information Model. One of the main tasks of the Information Model is to reflect the topology of the automation system. Therefore, it represents the devices of the automation system as well as the connecting communication networks including their properties, relationships, and the operations that can be performed on them. The types in the AddressSpace of the FDI Server constitute a catalogue, which is built from FDI Packages. The fundamental types for the FDI Information Model are well defined in OPC UA for Devices (IEC 62541-100). The FDI Information Model specifies extensions for a few special cases and otherwise explains how these types are used and how the contents are built from elements of DevicePackages. The overall FDI architecture is illustrated in Figure 1. The architectural components that are within the scope of this document have been highlighted in this illustration. [Figure 1 - FDI architecture diagram]