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BS ISO 7176-11:2012 Wheelchairs Test dummies

BS ISO 7176-11:2012

Wheelchairs Test dummies

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Standard number:BS ISO 7176-11:2012
ISBN:978 0 580 70891 6

BS ISO 7176-11:2012

This standard BS ISO 7176-11:2012 Wheelchairs is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 11.180.10 Aids and adaptation for moving

This part of ISO 7176 specifies requirements for test dummies of any mass greater than or equal to 25 kg, to be used in the evaluation of wheelchairs. This part of ISO 7176 provides formulae that specify the location of the overall centre of mass of test dummies, the masses of the segments that comprise the test dummies and the locations of pivots that connect the segments. It also specifies the characteristics of loading pads that support the segments.

The specified location for the centre of mass is approximately the same as that of a human being of the corresponding mass when seated in a wheelchair, and also, for masses up to 100 kg, when in a standing position in a stand-up wheelchair. This part of ISO 7176 does not attempt to represent the mass distribution of a person with limb atrophy or amputation. This part of ISO 7176 is intended to enable the construction of test dummies that will produce comparable results for stability, performance and durability testing of manual wheelchairs and electrically powered wheelchairs, including scooters.

This part of ISO 7176 also includes informative tables of mass and locations of centre of mass, which are derived from the formulae, corresponding to example test dummy masses up to 300 kg in 25 kg increments.