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IEC 60183:2015 - Guidance for the selection of high-voltage A.C. cable systems

IEC 60183:2015

Guidance for the selection of high-voltage A.C. cable systems

Lignes directrices pour le choix de systèmes de câbles à haute tension en courant alternatif

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Standard number:IEC 60183:2015
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IEC 60183:2015

IEC 60183:2015 gives guidance in the selection of a.c. high-voltage cables and cable systems with extruded insulation and mainly to be used on three-phase alternating systems operating at voltages exceeding U = 1 kV (in this standard the term high voltage is used to cover any cable above 1 kV). Submarine cables are not included in the scope. Guidance is given in the selection of the conductor size, insulation level and constructional requirements of cable to be used. In addition, information necessary to enable the appropriate selection to be made is summarized. Paper insulated power cables are not considered in this standard for their selection into cable systems. However, when selecting cables with extruded insulation to be connected together with existing paper insulated cables, particular consideration for their proper compatibility, accessories and operational characteristics should be made. Environmental aspects are mentioned at the level at which they may influence the selection of high-voltage cables and their application. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition, published in 1984, and its Amendment 1 (1990) and constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: - the scope has been changed to a.c. high-voltage cables and cable systems; - guidance relates to cables with extruded insulation; - submarine cables are not covered but cables laid in water are covered; - operation of systems with special bonding of the screen is covered; - there is guidance on accessories; - environmental aspects are addressed.