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download between 0-24 hoursReleased: 2017-11-07
IEC PAS 63131:2017 - System control diagram

IEC PAS 63131:2017

System control diagram

Standard number:IEC PAS 63131:2017

IEC PAS 63131:2017

IEC/PAS 63131:2017(E) defines a set of operational control functions (objects) and the associated logical diagram (System Control Diagram (SCD)), for use in the continuous control process industry – e.g. as used in Oil and Gas processes. The main drivers for establishing this as a standard are the advantage of efficient engineering, implementation, and commissioning, as well as reuse of the control application across different suppliers of control systems. The diagrams give a logical representation that is suited for data transfer. This PAS also includes a method of documenting sequences and their interaction with the control objects.

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