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immediate downloadReleased: 2002-05-17
PAS 028:2002 Marine safety helmets

PAS 028:2002

Marine safety helmets

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Standard number:PAS 028:2002
ISBN:0 580 37263 4

PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets

Introducing the PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets, a standard that sets the benchmark for safety in marine environments. This standard, released on 17th May 2002, is a comprehensive guide that outlines the specifications, test methods, and marking requirements for marine safety helmets. With 22 pages of detailed information, it is an essential resource for manufacturers, safety officers, and marine professionals who are committed to maintaining the highest level of safety in their operations.

Key Features

The PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets standard is packed with valuable features that make it a must-have for anyone involved in marine safety. Here are some of the key features:

  • Standard Number: PAS 028:2002. This unique identifier ensures you're getting the most up-to-date and relevant information.
  • Pages: 22. Each page is filled with crucial information, guidelines, and recommendations to help you understand and implement the standard effectively.
  • Released: 2002-05-17. Despite being nearly two decades old, this standard remains relevant and continues to be a trusted resource in the marine industry.
  • ISBN: 0 580 37263 4. This International Standard Book Number guarantees the authenticity of the standard and ensures you're getting a legitimate copy.
  • Name: Marine Safety Helmets. This name reflects the standard's focus on safety helmets, a critical piece of safety equipment in marine environments.
  • Status: Standard. This status indicates that the standard is widely accepted and used in the industry.

Benefits of the PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets Standard

Adopting the PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets standard offers numerous benefits. It provides a clear framework for designing, manufacturing, and testing marine safety helmets, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. This not only enhances the safety of marine operations but also boosts the confidence of workers and stakeholders in your commitment to safety.

Moreover, by adhering to this standard, you demonstrate your compliance with internationally recognized safety standards, which can enhance your reputation and competitiveness in the marine industry.

Who Should Use the PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets Standard?

The PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets standard is designed for a wide range of users. It is particularly useful for:

  • Manufacturers of marine safety helmets who want to ensure their products meet the highest safety standards.
  • Safety officers in marine environments who are responsible for selecting and procuring safety equipment.
  • Marine professionals who need to understand the safety standards that their equipment should meet.


The PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets standard is a vital resource for anyone committed to enhancing safety in marine environments. With its comprehensive guidelines and specifications, it provides a clear roadmap for achieving the highest safety standards. Don't compromise on safety – get your copy of the PAS 028:2002 Marine Safety Helmets standard today!


PAS 028:2002

This standard PAS 028:2002 Marine safety helmets is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 13.340.20 Head protective equipment

This Publicly Available Specification specifies the performance requirements and test methods for marine safety helmets intended to be worn by users of small, fast craft. It includes the following:

  • construction, including extent of protection;
  • shock absorption properties;
  • penetration resistance;
  • retention system strength and effectiveness;
  • buoyancy;
  • marking and information.