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!! NEW !!Released: November 2023
Product Compliance System (PCS) Volume 1_2023

Product Compliance System (PCS)

Product Compliance System (PCS)
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Standard number:Product Compliance System (PCS)
Released:November 2023

Product Compliance System (PCS) Volume 1 2023

In order to meet the complex statutory and regulatory requirements, companies need elements helping them to identify, monitor, control and minimize product-related risks. A product compliance system can be used for exactly this purpose. The goal of a PCS is to allow a company to detect and minimize potential risks at an early stage.

In this VDA Volume, the fundamental elements of a PCS are presented, and guiding questions as well as practical examples are provided to help with the concrete implementation. It provides a recommendation regarding the implementation and operation of a PCS, thus enabling and facilitating the communication and fulfillment of Product Compliance for and across the supply chain. This increases security as well as efficiency in all companies along the supply and value chain.


Note: This VDA Volume is complementary to the VDA Product Integrity tape. In the future, the term “Product Compliance” will be used uniformly for both the “Product Compliance System” and “Product Integrity” Volumes.


Table of Contents

1 Introduction/objectives

2 Fundamentals

2.1 Situating the PCS within the corporate governance structure

2.2 Scope of the product compliance system

2.3 Binding obligations

2.4 Interplay with VDA product integrity

2.5 Relationship with other management systems

3 Elements of the Product Compliance System (PCS)

3.1 Culture

3.2 Objectives

3.3 Risks

3.4 Program

3.5 Organization

3.6 Communication and training

3.7 Monitoring/improvement/reporting

4 Guiding questions

4.1 Culture

4.2 Objectives

4.3 Risks

4.4 Program

4.5 Organization

4.6 Communication and training

4.7 Monitoring/improvement/reporting

5 Glossary

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