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immediate downloadReleased: 1973-02-28
BS 3828:1973 Specification for crystal glass

BS 3828:1973

Specification for crystal glass

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Standard number:BS 3828:1973
ISBN:0 580 07853 1

BS 3828:1973

This standard BS 3828:1973 Specification for crystal glass is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 81.040.10 Raw materials and raw glass

Section 1 covers 4 categories of glass, is technically identical with the EEC Directive on crystal glass and is intended for reference in the statutory instrument which will implement this Directive in the UK. Section 2 incorporates certain requirements additional to those in the EEC Directive for the two higher categories of glass, and in effect maintains the superior qualities of glasses of UK manufacture complying with the previous edition.
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