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immediate downloadReleased: 1982-02-26
BS 3984:1982 Specification for sodium silicates

BS 3984:1982

Specification for sodium silicates

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Standard number:BS 3984:1982
ISBN:0 580 12421 5

BS 3984:1982

This standard BS 3984:1982 Specification for sodium silicates is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 71.060.50 Salts

This British Standard specifies requirements for the following materials of technical quality.

  1. Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate (n) suitable for general industrial use
  2. Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate (s) of selected quality, in respect of chloride and sulphate contents, which will meet British Government Services requirements.
  3. Sodium silicate solutions suitable for general industrial use.

The last specification comprises a method of classification for sodium silicate solutions, together with the permitted tolerances on the properties specified when ordering.

Requirements for alkali silica and iron contents and matter insoluble in water of sodium metasilicate pentahydrate for industrial use and additional special requirements for chloride and sulphate contents of material for services use. Methods of classification for sodium silicate solutions based on silica: alkali ratio and relative density, with optional additional requirements for viscosity. Test methods not included but reference is made to BS 6092.