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immediate downloadReleased: 2015-10-31
BS 8596:2015 Surveying for bats in trees and woodland. Guide

BS 8596:2015

Surveying for bats in trees and woodland. Guide

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Standard number:BS 8596:2015
ISBN:978 0 580 80950 7

BS 8596:2015

This standard BS 8596:2015 Surveying for bats in trees and woodland. Guide is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 65.020.40 Landscaping and silviculture
  • 65.020.99 Other standards related to farming and forestry

This British Standard gives guidance on surveying for bats in individual trees, groups of trees and in woodland. This includes scoping, roost and activity surveys, and record keeping.

This British Standard applies to the following:

  • forestry and woodland managers and operatives, including woodland owners, managers, agents, foresters, contractors, conservation bodies and woodland advisers;

  • arboriculturists, in particular tree work contractors, but also arboricultural consultants and local authority tree officers;

  • planning officers, local government ecologists and other government departments whose functions might bring them into contact with bats in trees or woodland (whether directly or indirectly);

  • developers and associated professions, e.g. construction companies, demolition companies and landscape architects;

  • ecological consultants, particularly those who have the potential to work on the specialist aspect of surveying for bats in trees;

  • utility companies, infrastructure constructors and maintainers, engineers; and

  • flood risk managers.

This British Standard does not include guidance relating to bat surveys in buildings, underground sites or any habitat other than woodland or trees. It also does not give any guidance about the outcomes of the surveys undertaken, such as how woodland is managed or mitigation measures.