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BS EN 16104:2012 Food data. Structure and interchange format

BS EN 16104:2012

Food data. Structure and interchange format

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Standard number:BS EN 16104:2012
ISBN:978 0 580 70792 6

BS EN 16104:2012

This standard BS EN 16104:2012 Food data. Structure and interchange format is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 67.040 Food products in general
  • 35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade
This European Standard specifies requirements on the structure and semantics of food datasets and of interchange of food data for various applications. Food data refers to information on various food properties and includes various steps in the generation and publication of such data, e.g. sampling, analysis, food description, food property and value description. The standard regards food data as datasets covering: - identification, description and classification of foods including food ingredients, - qualitative and quantitative food properties that can be measured, calculated or estimated, - data quality values and other metadata, - specifications of methods used for obtaining these values, - references to sources for the information reported. This standard includes requirements on: - semantics and data structure for food data, - content of referenced controlled vocabularies, - XML encoding for interchange of food data. This standard does not include: - food description methods, - quality assessment methods, - content of controlled vocabularies, for example controlled vocabularies for nutrients, - database implementation.