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immediate downloadReleased: 2021-11-05
BS EN 17106-1:2021 Road operation machinery. Safety General requirements

BS EN 17106-1:2021

Road operation machinery. Safety General requirements

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Standard number:BS EN 17106-1:2021
ISBN:978 0 580 96976 8

BS EN 17106-1:2021

This standard BS EN 17106-1:2021 Road operation machinery. Safety is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 93.080.99 Other standards related to road engineering
  • 43.160 Special purpose vehicles

This document specifies the general safety requirements for road operation machinery.

This document deals with the significant hazards (see Annex A) common to road operation machinery, when they are used as intended and under the conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer associated with the whole lifetime of the machine (transportation, travel and work mode mounting and dismounting of equipment/attachments in service, routine maintenance, and storage), excluding dismantling, disabling and scrapping.


The requirements specified in this document are common to two or more families of road operation machinery.

This document gives general safety requirements for all types of road operation machinery and shall be used in conjunction with parts 2 to 4. These machine specific parts do not repeat the requirements from part 1 but supplement, supersede or modify the requirements for the type of road operation machinery in question.

This document applies to:

  1. road surface cleaning machines (as defined in 3.7 and EN 15429?1:2007 );

  2. winter maintenance equipment (as defined in groups 1 and 2 of EN 15144:2007 );

  3. road service area maintenance machines for grass and/or brush cutting (as defined in EN 15436?1:2008 ).

This document deals with:

  1. equipment permanently mounted on carrier vehicles;

  2. interchangeable equipment;

  3. self-propelled machinery with an integrated specially designed chassis;

  4. trailed machines;

  5. interfaces.

This document does not deal with:

  1. carrier vehicles, e.g. trucks, tractors, construction machinery, mobile industrial handling equipment;


These requirements are covered in directives related to the construction of vehicles.

  1. demountable bodyworks on carrier vehicles (e.g. load platforms, boxes);

  2. risks associated with the operation of machines in potentially explosive atmospheres;

  3. pedestrian controlled and hand-held machines;

  4. remote controlled machines, except for the risks related to the working equipment only;

  5. lawn and garden equipment;

  6. machines for the maintenance of sports grounds;

  7. machines for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;

  8. earth-moving and mobile road construction machinery according to EN 474?1:2006+A6:2019 and EN 500?1:2006+A1:2009 ;

  9. road surface treatment machines according to EN 13020:2015 ;

  10. snow-grooming equipment according to EN 15059:2009+A1:2015 ;

  11. machines or components which are solely designed for clearing rails such as rail/tram-line sweepers or blowers;

  12. sweeping/cleaning equipment according to EN 60335?2?72 ;

  13. pit and sewer cleaning vehicles/-machines;

  14. refuse-collecting vehicles;

  15. airport machines and equipment;

  16. snow throwers according to ISO 8437?1 .

This document does not include requirements which are covered in directives related to the construction of vehicles or national road regulations. Requirements of road safety regulations take precedence over the requirements of this document.


For specific directives and/or road regulations, see the bibliography.

The use in public road traffic is governed by the national regulations.

This document does not deal with significant hazards associated with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

This document does not deal with significant hazards associated with vibration.

This document is not applicable to road operation machinery manufactured before the date of its publication.