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immediate downloadReleased: 2005-10-14
BS EN 62298-3:2005 Teleweb application Superteletext profile

BS EN 62298-3:2005

Teleweb application Superteletext profile

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Standard number:BS EN 62298-3:2005
ISBN:0 580 46513 6

BS EN 62298-3:2005

This standard BS EN 62298-3:2005 Teleweb application is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 35.240.99 IT applications in other fields
  • 31.080.01 Semiconductor devices in general
  • 33.170 Television and radio broadcasting
  • 35.240.95 Internet applications
IEC 62298-3:2005 specifies the TeleWeb Superteletext profile that allows Web-style text and graphics to be displayed on suitable decoders. A TeleWeb service comprises multimedia data files whose format and attributes are defined by this specification. This specification focuses on the presentation layer especially the implementation of TeleWeb HTML. It further defines graphical requirements like colours and fonts and the used content formats. For information regarding general information and the transport layer, refer to IEC 62298-1 and IEC 62298-2. This bilingual version (2013-07) corresponds to the monolingual English version, published in 2005-05.
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