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immediate downloadReleased: 2020-09-09
BS EN IEC 63252:2020 Energy consumption of vending machines

BS EN IEC 63252:2020

Energy consumption of vending machines

Standard number:BS EN IEC 63252:2020
ISBN:978 0 539 05286 2
This standard BS EN IEC 63252:2020 Energy consumption of vending machines is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 27.015 Energy efficiency. Energy conservation in general
  • 97.040.30 Domestic refrigerating appliances
  • 55.230 Distribution and vending machines
IEC 63252:2020 defines methods for the measurement of energy consumption of vending machines, whether or not fitted with refrigerating appliances.
The standard applies (but is not limited) to the following categories of machines:
- Refrigerated closed-fronted can and bottle machines where the products are held in stacks
- Refrigerated glass-fronted can and bottle, confectionery and snack machines
- Refrigerated glass-fronted machines entirely for perishable foodstuffs
- Refrigerated dual-temperature glass-fronted machines
- Confectionery and snack machines that are not refrigerated
- Combination machines consisting of two different categories of machine in the same housing and powered by one chiller
The following types of vending machine are excluded from this document:
- drink machines dispensing hot and/or cold drinks into cups;
- machines with a food-heating function;
- vending machines operating at temperatures below 0 °C; or
- any machine including one or more of these compartments.
For verification purposes, it is essential to apply all of the tests specified to a single unit. The tests can also be made individually for the study of a particular characteristic.
This document does not deal with any characteristics of machine design other than energy consumption.
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