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New!Released: 2020
Special characteristics (SC)

Special characteristics (SC)

A process description covering special characteristics (SC)

2nd edition Special characteristics (SC)
Standard number:Special characteristics (SC)

Special characteristics (SC) 04/2020

A process description covering special characteristics (SC)

Description English:

This VDA publication serves as a starting point for determining, specifying, tracking, documenting and archiving special characteristics. These must be agreed between customer and supplier throughout the entire supply chain.

This 2nd edition updates the changes of the process description due to the revisions of 4th edition of VDA Volume 1 “Documented Information and Retention”, the 1st edition of IATF 16949:2016-10 “Quality management system requirements for automotive production and relevant service parts organizations”, and the 1st edition of “AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook”. Additional changes of links to standards and VDA Volumes are updated.

The terms “major characteristics” and “critical characteristics” are replaced by “special characteristics”.

 VDA - Special characteristics (SC).

This product includes:
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