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BS 6180:2011 Barriers in and about buildings. Code of practice

BS 6180:2011

Barriers in and about buildings. Code of practice

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Standard number:BS 6180:2011
ISBN:978 0 580 69739 5

BS 6180:2011

This standard BS 6180:2011 Barriers in and about buildings. Code of practice is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 91.060.99 Other elements of buildings

This British Standard gives recommendations and guidance for the design and construction of temporary and permanent barriers to be provided in and about buildings and places of assembly, such barriers being positioned and designed to protect persons from various hazards and to restrict or control the movement of persons or vehicles.

This British Standard applies to:

  1. barriers that indicate routes;

  2. barriers capable of stopping or diverting moving vehicles within areas where vehicle speed is restricted to a maximum of 16 km/h (4.44 m/s, 10 mile/h);

  3. walls, glazing and other elements of buildings or structures where such elements act as protective barriers;

  4. areas other than spectator areas of sports halls and buildings used for spectator sports.

This British Standard does not apply to:

  1. barriers for resisting impact from vehicles travelling at speeds greater than 16 km/h, e.g. bridge parapets beyond the curtilage of a building, or highway safety barriers (see BS 6779);

  2. barriers used in building operations and works of engineering construction;

  3. safety barriers, with or without opening gate features, for the protection of children up to 24 months, where the safety requirement is covered by a specific safety standard, e.g. BS EN 1930;

  4. permanent means of access to machinery (see BS EN ISO 14122, all parts);

  5. barriers used in spectator areas of sports halls, and buildings used for spectator sports (see BS EN 13200, all parts).