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BS 8572:2018 Procurement of facility-related services. Code of practice

BS 8572:2018

Procurement of facility-related services. Code of practice

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Standard number:BS 8572:2018
ISBN:978 0 580 97041 2

BS 8572:2018

This standard BS 8572:2018 Procurement of facility-related services. Code of practice is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 03.100.99 Other standards related to company organization and management

This British Standard gives recommendations and offers guidance for the procurement of a broad range of services that are required to support the physical assets making up a facility and the needs of users of that facility who are the ultimate recipients of the services, i.e. its end users. It covers both new and existing facilities.

This British Standard is applicable to organizations facing retendering of facility-related services and those entering directly into the later stages of the procurement process, notably mobilization and performance review.

While this British Standard covers the procurement of facility-related services within the private sector, it does not cover those areas of public sector procurement of facility-related services which are subject to public procurement regulations. Notwithstanding, the standard indicates where certain practices might strengthen the approach that has to be taken.

This British Standard is also not applicable to the procurement of services required to deliver a facility, including those forming an integral part of a public-private partnership (PPP) or to the provision of insourced services.

NOTE BS 8536-1 covers operational performance requirements in briefing for the design and construction of a new or refurbished facility. Those requirements provide a useful context for procuring facility-related services.