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BS ISO 29845:2011 Technical product documentation. Document types

BS ISO 29845:2011

Technical product documentation. Document types

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Standard number:BS ISO 29845:2011
ISBN:978 0 580 66007 8

BS ISO 29845:2011

This standard BS ISO 29845:2011 Technical product documentation. Document types is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 01.110 Technical product documentation

This International Standard establishes and defines the types of documents required to be in the documentation for the specification of products, equipment and plants at all levels of complexity. It deals with the range of document types used from the conceptual phase to finished product, in all engineering fields.

The purpose of this International Standard is

  • to facilitate a structure for (data modelling) product data management systems,

  • to facilitate searching and retrieval of documents,

  • to establish document types for the purpose of better communication and understanding between parties involved in document interchange, and

  • to fulfil the requirement in ISO 7200:2004 regarding document type fields.

NOTE The figures in this International Standard are intended only as illustrations to aid the user in understanding the document types described by the text. Consequently, the figures are simplified in such a way that the content presented in illustrated document types may not always apply all ISO rules regarding the presentation of drawings and other types of documents.