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immediate downloadReleased: 2019-05-31
PAS 11007:2019 Stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects. Specification

PAS 11007:2019

Stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects. Specification

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Standard number:PAS 11007:2019
ISBN:978 0 580 51023 6

PAS 11007:2019

This standard PAS 11007:2019 Stakeholder engagement for infrastructure projects. Specification is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 13.020.20 Environmental economics
  • 03.100.99 Other standards related to company organization and management

This PAS specifies requirements for establishing processes at both an organizational and project level, for effective engagement with stakeholders in connection with projects, programmes, portfolios, and/or services that impact on the environment, society and economy.


Annex B illustrates the relationship within this PAS between organizational capabilities at the corporate level and those required for implementation at the project/programme/portfolio and service levels.

These requirements support the key elements of the processes necessary to enable successful implementation through:

  • Leadership – responsible executive;

  • Competence – individuals with the necessary experience, skills and qualifications;

  • Design – a precise set of the major steps necessary;

  • Documentation – accessible and usable via the Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEPs);

  • Tools and systems – necessary to support performance;

  • Measurement and audit – to provide assurance of benefits realization and compliance;

  • Continual improvement – incorporating experience and feedback gained by the organization.

This PAS may be applied by organizations or groups of organizations of all sizes involved in the implementation of any phase within the lifecycle of a project and/or service regardless of scale.


The approach outlined in this scope is intended to provide a more effective way of working and help to build a more inclusive and collaborative environment that opens the way to create enhanced performance and value. Annex A provides an example of the various lifecycle phases of a project.