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immediate downloadReleased: 2018-11-30
PAS 525:2018 Framework for assessing professional engineering competence. Specification

PAS 525:2018

Framework for assessing professional engineering competence. Specification

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Standard number:PAS 525:2018
ISBN:978 0 580 51408 1

PAS 525:2018

This standard PAS 525:2018 Framework for assessing professional engineering competence. Specification is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 03.100.99 Other standards related to company organization and management

This PAS defines a framework for assessing the competence and professional commitment of engineering professionals.

The specification covers:

  1. the principles of a framework for assessing competence and commitment;

  2. definitions of competence and professional commitment;

  3. assessment of the competence and commitment of engineers in five areas:

    1. use of engineering knowledge and understanding;

    2. design, development and the solution of engineering problems;

    3. responsibility, management and leadership;

    4. communication and interpersonal skills; and

    5. personal commitment to professional standards;

  4. supporting guidance for implementation ( Annex A to Annex D).

It describes differing categories of competence for the classification of professional engineers depending on the engineer’s levels of knowledge, skills and responsibility and indicates the pathways between the categories.

This PAS uses the three categories of engineer recognized by the IEA, namely Engineering Technician, Engineering Technologist and Professional Engineer. Countries might use different titles for similar categories, as shown for the UK in the table below:

Generic title used in PAS 525 UK title
Engineering Technician Engineering Technician
Engineering Technologist Incorporated Engineer
Professional Engineer Chartered Engineer

The adoption of this PAS does not confer the use of these UK titles, which are protected by civil law in the UK. The PAS instead refers to the generic titles for these categories, which are widely adopted internationally.

The PAS is intended for use by professional engineering institutions, regulators and licensing bodies, to assess the competence and commitment of engineering professionals.

This includes organizations that regulate by statute or facilitate voluntary self-regulation. The PAS is also of interest to national engineering accreditation authorities, individual engineering professionals, government agencies, employers and insurers.

This PAS does not cover:

  • requirements that are specific to a particular engineering discipline;

  • prescribed routes for attainment of knowledge and understanding; or

  • specific qualifications or levels of engineering qualifications.