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immediate downloadReleased: 2003-06-15
PD 7503:2003 Introduction to knowledge management in construction

PD 7503:2003

Introduction to knowledge management in construction

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Standard number:PD 7503:2003
ISBN:0 580 33343 4

PD 7503:2003

This standard PD 7503:2003 Introduction to knowledge management in construction is classified in these ICS categories:
  • 91.010.01 Construction industry in general
  • 01.140.20 Information sciences
  • 03.100.99 Other standards related to company organization and management

This Published Document gives guidance on KM m the construction industry. The construction industry is a particularly complex one, often with a wide range of specialist companies working together, sometimes with a complex customer structure, to design and build a single building or set of buildings. This complexity can result in process inefficiency and the need for remedial and repair work, all of which can have significant cost implications to both the contractors as well as the building owners and users. The document introduces KM as a way of avoiding potentially costly mistakes by streamlining the flow of knowledge and information within the construction process and across the supply chain.

Although this Published Document discusses various different management sciences (for example environmental management) it does so only, by way of example or analogy. This Published Document is primarily oriented to KM and is not intended to cover other specialized management Sciences.

This document outlines the idea of KM and the many ways it can benefit the construction industry and then summarizes the key issues to be addressed when introducing KM to a company. Includes a set of case studies which outline examples where construction industry companies, both large and small, have applied and benefited from KM.