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in stockReleased: 2011-2018

Set DIN EN 15221- Standards for Facility Management

EN ISO 41001; EN ISO 41011; EN ISO 41012; EN 15221-3; EN 15221-4; EN 15221-5; EN 15221-6 ; EN 15221-7
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Set DIN EN 15221 + DIN EN ISO 41000-Standards for Facility Management includes:

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  • DIN EN 15221-3:2011 Facility Management - Part 3: Guidance on quality in Facility Management   
    This European Standard provides a guideline how to measure, achieve and improve quality in FM. It gives complementary guidelines to EN ISO 9000, EN ISO 9001 and EN 15221-2 within the framework of EN 15221 1. The standard provides a link into management methods and management theories. This European Standard is applicable to: - FM in public and private organizations; - client organization and service provider relationships; - full range of facility products or facility services; - both types of service providers in FM (internal and external); - all types of working environments (e.g. industrial, commercial, administration, military, healthcare etc.). This European Standard is applicable to business services (not consumer oriented). This European Standard does not: - replace the quality management systems of the client organization; - provide standard forms: - for performance and quality management systems (delivering a quality management system); - for defining requirements; - for a measurement tool; - for service level; - apply to the certification of the quality system of Facility Management (covered by EN ISO 9001).
  • DIN EN 15221-4:2011 Facility Management - Part 4: Taxonomy, Classification and Structures in Facility Management   
    FM covers and integrates a very broad scope of processes, products / services, activities and facilities. The approach of this standard is to consider the added value provided to the primary activities by adopting a product perspective as recognised by the primary processes or core business in the organisation. This standard therefore introduces the concept of standardised (classified) facility products. The scope of this standard is to provide taxonomy for FM which includes: - relevant interrelationship of elements and their structures in FM; - definitions of terms and contents to standardise facility products which provide a basis for cross border trade, data management, cost allocation and benchmarking; - a high level classification and hierarchical coding structure for the standardised facility products; - expanding the basic FM model given in EN 15221-1 by adding a time scale in the form of the quality cycle called PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act); - a linkage to existing cost and facilities structures; - alignment with the primary activities requirements. Additional benefits from this standard are: - Introducing a client rather than a specifically asset oriented view; - harmonisation of different existing national structures (e.g. building cost codes) on an upper level relevant for the organisation and its primary activities.
  • DIN EN 15221-5:2011 Facility Management - Part 5: Guidance on Facility Management processes   
    This European standard provides guidance to FM organisations on the development and improvement of their processes to support the primary processes. This standard also sets out basic principles, describes high-level generic FM processes, lists strategic, tactical and operational processes and provides examples of process workflows. This standard is written from a primary processes, demand perspective for an audience of all stakeholders in FM processes.

  • DIN EN 15221-6:2011 Facility Management - Part 6: Area and Space Measurement in Facility Management   
    This European Standard establishes a common basis for planning and design, area and space management, financial assessment, as well as a tool for benchmarking in the field of Facility Management. This standard covers area and space measurement for existing owned or leased buildings as well as buildings in state of planning or development. This standard presents a framework for measuring floor areas within buildings and areas outside of buildings. In addition, it contains clear terms and definitions as well as methods for measuring horizontal areas and volumes in buildings and/or parts of buildings, independent of their function.
  • DIN EN 15221-7:2013 Facility Management - Part 7: Guidelines for Performance Benchmarking   
    This European Standard gives guidelines for performance benchmarking and contains clear terms and definitions as well as methods for benchmarking facility management products and services as well as facility management organisations and operations. This European Standard establishes a common basis for benchmarking facility management costs, floor areas and environmental impacts as well as service quality, satisfaction and productivity. This European Standard is applicable to Facility Management as defined in EN 15221-1 and detailed in EN 15221-4 
  • DIN EN ISO 41011:2018 Facilities management – Vocabulary (THIS STANADRD REPLACED EN 15221-1) -  defines terms used in facility management standards.


  • DIN EN ISO 41012:2018 Facilities management – Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements (THIS STANADRD REPLACED EN 15221-2) - provides guidance on sourcing and development of agreements in facility management (FM). It highlights:

    · essential elements in FM sourcing processes;

    · FM roles and responsibilities in sourcing processes;

    · development processes and structures of typical agreement models.

    DIN EN ISO 41012:2018 is applicable to:

    · strategic processes related to service and support functions for the core business;

    · development of FM strategies;

    · development of facility service provision agreements covering both public and private service demand and internal and external production/delivery options;

    · development of FM information systems;

    · FM education and research;

    · organization development and business re-engineering processes in major types of working environments (e.g. industrial, commercial, administration, military, healthcare, accommodation). 

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