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>VDA 6.3 - Process Audit
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In stockReleased: 2016/12
VDA 6.3 - Process Audit

VDA 6.3 edition 2016

Process Audit


3rd edition VDA Volume 6.3
Standard number:VDA 6.3 edition 2016

VDA 6.3 : 2016

This 3rd edition of VDA 6.3  are available in English and German version - released 16th December 2016

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Description English:

Process Audit: 

The established Audit Standard VDA 6.3 / 2010 has been completely revised.
The objective was to re-organize the process audit, making it more precise and 
adapting it to changing requirements in the automotive industry.

The interaction of the process audit standard VDA 6.3 with other VDA publications, especially „Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts (MLA)“ und „Robust Production Processes (RPP)“, has been strengthened. In this volume the requirements are given for process specific content. 

All questions are now weighed equally. The generic approach has been deleted. The classification system using A, B and C and the reliable downgrading rules have been retained. Due to the revision, the current edition does not allow audit results from the previous VDA 6.3 from 2010 to be directly transferred into calculations from the edition presented here. Within this volume, the requirements for the qualification of process auditors are given in more detail. Different requirements for internal and external process auditors are given. The qualification of auditors regarding this audit standard is set out. Focus is also given to the actual implementation of the audit. Assessment questions in the areas of sustainable development, compliance with social standards, environmental protection and conservation of resources are not contained in the questionnaire. For these areas there are special monitoring methods as well as legal and normative directives. 

The process standard VDA 6.3 contains the current questionnaire and evaluation
criteria and additionally the requirements for the qualification of process
auditors and the preparation and implementation of process audits.

Quality standards table according VDA 6:


VDA 6.3 2016 and other VDA Standards are not available in PDF format


1 Introduction 
2 Instructions for use
2.1 Definition of Process Audit
2.2 Area of application for a process audit
2.3 Classification Process audit – Potential analysis
2.4 Identification of process risks (risk analysis)
3 Requirements for Process Auditors
3.1 Auditor Qualification
3.1.1 Internal Auditors
3.1.2 Supplier auditor
3.1.3 Auditing as an independent auditor
4 Audit process
4.1 Audit programme
4.2 Audit contract
4.3 Audit preparation
4.4 Implementation
4.5 Evaluation
4.6 Presentation of results
4.7 Follow up and closure
5 Potential Analysis (P1)
5.1 Definition of Potential Analysis
5.2 Requirements
5.3 Preparation
5.4 Operational sequence of a potential analysis
5.5 Evaluation of a potential analysis
5.6 Follow-up activities after contract award
6 Evaluating a process audit for material products
6.1 Evaluation of the individual questions
6.2 Detailed Evaluation and Downgrading Rules
6.3 Overall Level of Performance
6.4 Evaluation of Product Groups
6.5 Using the questionnaire (Process elements P2 to P7) 
7 Questionnaire
7.1 Overview Questionnaire
7.2 Project management (P2)
7.3 Planning the product and process development (P3)
7.4 Implementation of the product and process development (P4)
7.5 Supplier Management (P5)
7.6 Process Analysis Production (P6)
8 Process Audit Services
8.1 Overview Questionnaire for Services
8.2 Project management (S2)
8.3 Planning of the service development (S3)
8.4 Implementation of the service / service development (S4)
8.5 Supplier Management (S5)
8.6 Providing the Service (S6)
8.7 Evaluating a process audit for services
8.8.1 Evaluation of the individual questions
8.8.2 Detailed Evaluation and Downgrading Rules
8.8.3 Overall Level of Performance
9 Assessment forms
9.1 Process Audit for Material Products
9.2 Potential analysis (P1) as an extract from the VDA questionnaire
10 Best Practice / Lesson Learned
10.1 Example of a supplier self-assessment
10.2 Knowledge Database
11 Glossar
11.1 Terms and Definiton
11.2 List of Abbreviations
13 Overview Matrix
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