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in stockReleased: 2016, English 2017
VDA 6- Quality Audit Fundamentals - Certification requirements for VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2, VDA 6.4 on the basis of ISO9001


Certification Requirements for VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 and VDA 6.4

Zertifizierungsvorgaben für VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 und VDA 6.4

6th edition VDA 6
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Released:2016, English 2017
Standard number:VDA 6



Description English:

Quality Audit Fundamentals - Certification requirements for VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2, VDA 6.4 on the basis of ISO9001

In this current volume the following subject matter having an impact on VDA auditing and certification, as available at copy deadline, was taken into account:

  • additions, observations and opinions of the certification bodies,
  • additions and observations from the VDA working groups,
  • progress in the field of other VDA standards (e.g. VDA 6.4 and VDA 6.7),

The QMC Reports are applicable references to a QM system that is based on a VDA standard. Regulations in the hitherto published QMC Reports, which are addressed in this volume, are no longer applicable as from the date of publication of this volume.


Main Points:

  1. The VDA Strategy for Quality Management in the Automotive IndustryQuality
  2. Management Systems
  3. Auditing in Quality Management
  4. Certificate supplements VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 or VDA 6.4 (3rd party audit)
  5. VDA Certificate (2nd party-Audit) in accordance with VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 or VDA 6.4
  6. Auditor qualification


From the January 1st, 2017, this 6th edition replaces the 5th edition of the Volume 6 "Basis for quality audits - auditing and certification" from 2008. From July 1st, 2017 at the latest, all 3rd-party audits according to VDA Volume 6 Part 1, VDA Volume 6 part 2, VDA Volume 6 part 4 will be carried out according to this 6th edition.

Contained within this current VDA volume are all changes which affect VDA audits and VDA certifications that were made until the publication deadline:

Amendments, findings and comments from the certification bodies

Supplementary information and findings from the VDA working groups

Expanded to include other VDA standards

“Sanctioned interpretations” (SI)

“Frequently asked questions” (FAQ)

In this edition, the certification requirements are given for VDA Volumes 6, Part 1, VDA 6, Part 2 and VDA 6, Part 4, (also referred to as "VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2, VDA 6.4 or VDA 6.x standards").

The requirements for certification bodies are set out in ISO/IEC 17021. ISO/IEC 17021 is therefore applicable for the VDA 6 standards and defines special or further requirements for VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 and VDA 6.4. These requirements are to be met in respect to the VDA 6.x certificates.

The evidence of the fulfilment of the requirements from one of the respective VDA 6.x standards is shown by a VDA 6.x certificate.

The applicable documents relating to these requirements are, when necessary, specified in the following rules: Sanctioned Interpretations (SI) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). These are issued as required by the VDA QMC in consultation with the working group 6:

A “sanctioned interpretation” (SI) changes or amends the requirements

A “frequently asked question” (FAQ) is an explanation of an existing rule or requirement

These regulations (SI/FAQ including the examples for audit day calculation) will be made available on the VDA QMC homepage after publication of this volume and will be binding from the date of publication.





The VDA Strategy for Quality Management in the Automotive Industry


Quality Management Systems


Automotive Industry Standards


Documentation of a QM System


Process owners


Auditing in Quality Management


System audit


Process audit


Product audit


Distinction between system, process and product audits


Types of Audit


Scope of the VDA Standards 6.1, 6.2 und 6.4


VDA 6.1


VDA 6.2


VDA 6.4


Certification requirements for 3rd party audits according to VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 and VDA 6.4


Audit conditions


Organization-specific limitations


Determining the audit scope

Scope of the certification / recertification audit

Detremination of audit days

Corporate audit schema

Possible reductions

Change of Certification Body / Transfer audit

Combined audits with ISO/TS 16949 or VDA 6.1

Combined audits with non-automotive standards

Further requirements


Appointment of auditors


Conducting the audit


Granting of the certificate supplement


Certification supplement content requirements


Maintaining the validity of the certificate supplement


Nonconformity management and decertification process


Office Assessments and Witness Audits


Auditor qualification


3rd party auditor (VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 or VDA 6.4)


3rd-party auditor according to VDA 6.1


3rd-party auditor according to VDA 6.2


3rd-party auditor according to VDA 6.4


Approval of 3rd-party auditors


Continuation of 3rd-party auditor qualification


2nd-party auditor


1st-party auditor (VDA 6.1, VDA 6.2 or VDA 6.4)

VDA 6 and other VDA Standards are not available in PDF format

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